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COVID: Foggy Glasses?

Foggy Glasses while Wearing Mask during this COVID-19 Pandemic

We have gotten a few calls about how to keep your glasses from fogging up when your mask is in place. Wearing a mask directs your warm exhaled air upwards, which then condenses on the cooler surface of your eyeglass lenses, forming “tiny droplets that scatter the light” reducing the ability to see through this “fog.” We have some suggestions to reduce fogging.

Put a folded tissue horizontally between your face and the top of your mask, laying it over the bridge of your nose. The moisture from your breath will be absorbed by the tissue, blocking it from hitting your glasses lenses.

Use a mask that molds to your nose. These have a flexible wire which can be molded around your bridge, blocking your breath from reaching your glasses.

Wash your glasses with soapy water, without rinsing, and let them air dry prior to wearing a face mask. This will leave a thin film that reduces surface tension and cause water molecules to spread out evenly into a transparent layer. Wiping a little shaving cream onto the lenses with a soft cloth has similar results. You can also purchase anti-fog sprays, wipes, and “sticks” or “pods” (eg. Cat Crap) on-line. All of these will clog the layers of an anti-reflection coating, thus making the lenses less anti-glare. Hopefully, we won’t be wearing masks forever, and a good anti-reflection cleaner will restore it’s transparency later.

We miss seeing all our wonderful patients and friends. Be well and stay safe.